About us

Product.Direct is the latest product of the Abondano family. Since the 1980s multiple generations have travelled the world building relationships with all the major brands and factories in the toy industry

The team behind Saasly

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Santiago Abondano


Purdue University Software Engineer. Digital Primates, currently @ Community

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Mateo Abondano


Enterprise Sales. Gartner, Dockyard, Inc, Hubspot, Toys State.

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Sebastian Abondano

Board Member

Babson College. Software Engineer @ Community

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Adriana Munoz

Chief Operating Officer

Management and Finance, Supply Chain Management, Logistics & Operations

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Joaquin Abondano

Founder and CEO

Purdue University, Product Manager, Sourcing Toys since 1995

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Our Principles


Transparent value. Direct price.


Respect entrepreneurship. Share knowledge & value.

Team Work

Treat others as you want to be treated yourself.


One world.

Our Mission

Connect the world

Our mission is to connect factories directly to buyers.

Encourage Entrepreneurship

Encourage the creation of value and the development of new ideas.

Our Partners